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The University of Texas at Dallas

About Us

The Indian Students Association (ISA) is a non-profit socio-cultural association within the Student Organization's Forum at The University of Texas at Dallas, which is home to thousands of Indian students. ISA represents every one of them and strives to make each student feel at home. Even thousands of miles from India, ISA draws colorful Indian culture through its various programs throughout the calendar year. A key purpose of ISA is to provide ample opportunity for all students of Indian origin to interact, share, and educate about the culture and heritage of India amongst themselves as well as the UTD community at large.

Indian Students Association represents more than 2,500 Indian students enrolled at UTD, which has an influx of more than 1,000 Indian students enrolling in various programs at UTD in the Fall and Spring semesters. The association strives to guide and help these students with airport pickups, housing, and other basic amenities.


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Team (2023 - 2024)

Dipak Vijay Satao


Mahendra Patel

Vice President (Programming)

Anala Reddy

Vice President (Marketing)

Dharmit Shah

General Secretary

Shaiba Jhunjhunwala


Naveen Siddarth Saravanan


Savyasachi Gupta

Technology Officer

Mounika Kalakonda


Shaswatee Dash

Social Media Officer

Manoj Changaiah Nandakumar

Social Media Officer

Koti Reddy Gangasani

Events & Logistics Officer

Falguni Nagla

Events & Logistics Officer

Subhash Hebbar

Community Engagement Officer

Jeswanth Puthalapttu Jayachandran

Design Officer

Anjana Anandan

Creative Officer

Antara Das

Content Officer

Priyanka Hooli

SOC Officer

Aswatha Ravichandran

SOC Officer

Asmita Shetty

Events Officer (Anchoring)

Shela Jerusha

Events Officer (Anchoring)

Sana Dharani

Events Officer (Dance)

Hitali Santosh Vernekar

Events Officer (Music)

Ajay Sumanth Chitimala

Events Officer (Music)

Saksham Rautela

Events Officer (Sports)

Gopi Chand Boya

Events Officer (Sports)

Avijit Bera

Graduate Outreach Officer

Arjun Raghuram

Undergraduate Outreach Officer