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Text Books

Text books are very expensive here, so try to get all the text books that you need from India. Below is a list of textbooks that you might need in the course of your studies. These books are for specific courses, and you might want to get some advice from a student in your field about these. In some cases, we have included books for electives, which you may not ever take. So, you might save money and space by not getting books for those courses which you might never take. Also note that this list has been compiled by students who have taken the courses and there is a possibility that the books used for a particular course might vary based on the professor who is teaching the course.

NOTE: Since the number of courses you would have to take for completion of your degree is more than the text books listed here, it is obvious that you would be taking some courses from other programs, or courses which are not offered every semester, but just once a year or once in 2 years. These courses typically are taught by different teachers every time, and the texts that they use are different. But most of you will be taking the courses (the books of which are) listed here.

Traditional Track:
1) Compiler Construction, Aho, Sethi & Ullman. (Core)
2) Advanced operating systems: advanced concepts in operating systems by mukesh singhal & niranjan sivaratri(Core)
3) Advanced computer networks- "Computer Networks" by Patterson and Davie (Core)
4) Introduction to Algorithms by T.H. Cormen, C.E. Leiserson, R.L. Rivest, and Clifford Stein
5) Fundamentals of Database Design, Elmasri & Navathe, 2nd Edition, Addison Wesley. (Core)
6) Fundamentals of Logic Design, Charles Roth jr, 4th Edition PWS Publications, Co. (Elective)
7) Programming Languages Concepts and Constructs, Ravi Sethi, Addison Wesley. (Elective)

Software Engineering:
1) Object Oriented Software Engg (Prentice Hall) Bernd Bruegge , Allen H. Dutoit (Core)
2) Managing Software Requirements (Addison Wesley )Dean Leffingwell , Don Wildrig (Core)
3) Software Architecture : Perspectives on an emerging discipline ( Prentice Hall ) Mary Shaw , David Garlan (Core)
4) Software Testing (CRC Press) Paul C. Jorgensen (Core)
5) Software Metrics ( PWS Publishing Company) Norman E. Fenton , Shani Lawrence Pfleeger ( Elective )
6) Software Reuse: Architecture, Process and Organization for business success (Addison Wesley) Ivar Jacobson, Martin Griss, Patrick Jonsson. (Elective)
7) System Analysis and Design Methods Whitten , Bentley, Dittman (Elective)
8) Object Oriented Modeling and Design, Rumbaugh, Blaha, Premerlani et al, Prentice Hall. (Elective)

Intelligent Systems:
1) Database design: Database Management Systems by Elmasri, Navathe.
2) Design and Analysis of Algorithms: "Introduction to Algorithms" - T.H. Cormen(core)
3) Advanced Operating Systems: Advanced Concepts in Operating Systems, Mukesh Singhal and Niranjan Shivaratri(core)
4) Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence- A Modern Approach by Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig(core)
5) Machine Learning: Machine learning Tom Mitchell McGraw hill pub.(core)
6) Information Retrieval: Modern Information Retrieval, by Ricardo Baeza-Yates and Perthier Ribeiro-Neto. (Elective)

Telecommunications / Networking / Operating Systems:
1) Advanced Concepts in Operating Systems, Mukesh Singhal & Niranjan Shivaratri, McGraw Hill Series, International Edition. (Core)
2) Planning Telecommunication Networks: Thomas G. Robertazzi (Core)
3) Performance of Computer Systems and Networks, Thomas Robertazzi, Springer Verlag, Third Edition [for Course: Performance of Computer Systems] (Core)
4) The book for Advanced Computer Networks is "Computer Networks : A systems approach" by "Larry L Peterson and Bruce S. Davie"(Core)
5) Introduction to Algorithms, (Second Edition)'' by T.H. Cormen, C.E. Leiserson, R.L. Rivest, and Clifford Stein.
6) Telecommunication Software Design: ISDN, BISDN, FrameRelay and ATM: William Stallings [for Telecommunication Software Design ] (Elective)
7) Distributed Algorithms: Nancy Lynch (Elective)
8) For TNM the book recommended is." Network Management " by Mani Subramanian. and a supplementary book "SNMP , SNMPv2, RMON, RMON2" by William Stallings... (Elective)

Digital Design / VLSI / Microelectronics / Computer Engineering
1) Principles of CMOS VLSI Design, 2nd Edition, Neil Weste & Kamran Eshragian (CE core)
2) EE 6325 VLSI Design:'Digital Integrated Circuits' Jan M. Rabaey
3) EE 6304 Computer Architecture:'Computer Architecture', a quantitative approach 3rd Edition Hennesey & Patterson (CE core).
4) Operating Systems, Silberschatz & Galvin
5) VHDL Design, Peter Ashenden
6) EE 6301 Advanced Digital Logic:'Digital Logic Design' Holdsworth and Woods
7) 'Synthesis and Optimization of Digital Circuits' Giovanni de Micheli
8) Advanced Operating Systems, Mukesh Singhal & Niranjan Shivaratri, McGraw Hill Series, International Edition. (CE Core)
9) EE 6326 Analog Integrated Circuits Design:'Design of Analog CMOS Integrated Circuits' Behzad Razavi
10) 'Analysis and Design of Analog Integrated Circuits' Grey and Meyer.
11) 8051 microcontroller, Mazidi & Mazidi (CE core)
12) EE 6303 Testing and Testable Design: Textbook: 'Testing of Digital Systems' Niraj Jha and S. Gupta. 'Essentials of Electronic Testing' Bushnell and Agrawal.

Signal Processing / Communications / Telecommunications Engineering
1) Digital Signal Processing, fourth Edition , Proakis and Manolaikis, McGraw Hill (Core for Signal processing and Communications).
2) Stark and Woods: Probability and Random Processes with applications to signal processing, Prentice-Hall, third edition. (Core for Signal processing Communications and Telecommunications Engineering).
3) Linear System Theory and Design by Chi-Tsong Chen. The publisher is Oxford University and shall use the latest edition.(Elective).
4) Data Networks by Bersekas and Gallager, Prentice Hall (Core for Signal processing and Communications).
5) Digital Communications, Fifth Edition, Proakis & Masoud salehi, McGraw Hill 2008 (Core for Signal processing Communications and Telecommunications Engineering)
6) Adaptive Filter Theory, Simon Haykin, Prentice Hall (Elective)
7) Wireless Communications: Wireless communication by Andrea Goldsmith, Cambridge university Press(Elective)
8) Error Control Coding: Theory and Applications by Shu Lin and Daniel Costello (Elective)

There are 5 Core courses (must do courses) 2 from EE and 3 from CS.

From Electrical
1) Probability, Random Processes, and Estimation for Engineers,Stark and Woods: Prentice-Hall, third edition. (Core for Signal processing Communications and Telecommunications Engineering) Some profs also use ,Probability, Random Variables & Stochastic process, Populis & Pillai : -Tata-Mcgrow hill, fourth edition.
2) Digital Communications, Third Edition , Proakis, McGraw Hill (Core for Signal processing Communications and Telecommunications Engineering).

From CS
1) Computer Networks: A Systems Approach , Peterson & Davie : - Elsevier, 3rd edition.
2) Performance of Computer Systems and Networks, Thomas Robertazzi : Springer Verlag, Third Edition.
3) Planning Telecommunication Networks: Thomas G. Robertazzi : S.Chand & Company.


ACCT 6305: Accounting for Managers
1) Management Accounting, 2nd Ed, Rajiv D Banker, Anthony Atkinson, S. Mark Young .
2) Financial Accounting - A Management Perspective, Robert N Holt, Ivy learning Systems.

OPRE 6201: Introduction to Operations Research
Introduction to Operations Research, 6th Ed Frederick S Hillier, McGraw Hill.

STAT 5311: Applied Statistics for Management Science
Statistics, Management and Economics, Keller and Warrack.

MIS 6204: Information Technologies and MIS Fundamentals (one of the two)
1) Foundations of Information Systems, Vladimir Zwass.
2) Management Information Systems: Managing Information Technology in the Networked Enterprise, James A. O'Brian (1999).

MECO 6201: Business Economics
Exchange and Production: Competition, Coordination, and Control, 3rd Ed , Armen A. Alchian and William R. Allen (AA), South-Western Publishing, 1983.

Important Foundation courses.
Financial Accounting (latest edition) 3rd Ed , By Hongren and 2 other authors.
Managerial Accounting 13th Ed , by Hongren and others
Introduction to Marketing (latest edition),by Kotler


Web System Design
1) Planning and Designing Effective WEB SITES by Conger and Mason, 1998 Course Technology, Inc. an International Thomson Publishing Company (ISBN 0-7600-4988-2).
2) Microsoft FrontPage2000-Complete Concepts and Techniques by Shelly, Cashman, and Mick, 2000 Course Technology, Inc. (ISBN 0-7895-5613-8).

MIS 5321: Intermediate Computer Programming
C++ How to Program, H.M. Dietel and P.J. Dietel

MIS 6326: Database Management Systems
1) Database Systems - Design , Implementation and Management, 3rd Ed , Peter Rob/ Carlos Caronel.
2) An Introduction to Database Management Systems, C.J.Date.

MIS 6316: Telecommunications
Business Data Communication, William Stallings, Richard Van Slyke.

MIS 6308: Systems Analysis and Design
Systems Analysis and Design, 3rd Ed , Kendall & Kendall Publisher Prentice Hall 1995

MIS 6302: Information Systems Management
1) Corporate Information Systems Management (Text and Cases), 4th Ed, Lynda M. Applegate, F. Warren McFarlan, James L. McKinney, Richard Irwin Company.
2) Strategic Transformation and Information Technology, (Paradigms for performing While Transforming), Marilyn M. Parker, Prentice Hall

Microeconomic Theory, by Dominick Salvator.