About Udaan

Udaan is the biggest Sports festival of UTD, organised by ISA with the sole aim of promoting sports and social interaction amongst different atheletes across the campus. "The champions prowl the arena, cautious and determined. They have sweated it out, pumped their iron, served their time in the training grounds. The wait is over. Their time to shine has arrived. Feel the adrenaline rush as they battle it out to crown the best of the best. Glory Awaits."

Game Basic Rules Venue Time Fee
01 Box Cricket Team of 5 players(3 boys, 2girls) will play a 4-over match in a knockout manner Chatham 29th Sept (10am - 6pm) $10
02 Cricket Team of 11 players will play a 10-over match in a knockout manner Cricket Field, UTD 5th Oct(1pm - 5pm),
6th Oct(9am - 6pm)
03 Counter Strike Team of 5 plays a match of 15 rounds on Counter Strike 1.6 Galaxy Room, UTD 12th Oct (9am - 4pm) $20
04 FIFA19 Team of 2 plays a match of 5-min half on FIFA 19 Galaxy Rooms 12th Oct (9am - 4pm) $10
05 Squash Each player plays 3 set of 11points in a knockout manner Squash Courts, UTD 12th Oct (11am - 6pm) $3
06 Swimming Contestants will compete in 50m freestyle swimming in a knockout manner Swimming Pool, UTD 12th Oct (11:30am - 1:30am) $5
07 Soccer Team of 7 players will play a 30 min match in a league and knockout manner Intramural field, UTD 12th Oct (1pm - 11pm) $25
08 Basketball Team of 3 players will play a 20 min match street style half court in a knockout manner Main Gym , UTD 13th Oct (9am - 6pm) $15
09 Badminton Game of 21 in category of Mens Singles, Women Singles, Mixed doubles Main Gym, UTD 13th Oct (9am - 6pm) $3/$6
10 Table Tennis Game of 11(3set) in category of Mens Singles, Women Singles, Mixed doubles Main Gym, UTD 13th Oct (9am - 6pm) $3/$6
11 PUBG Pubg Contest (Team of 4 OR Team of 1) Galaxy Rooms 19th Oct (9am - 4pm) $8 / $2 per team
12 IPL Auction Have you ever dreamed of managing your own IPL team? If yes, here's your chance of experiencing the entire package from auctions to winning your own IPL trophy! Come join us and participate in Virtual IPL! SSA 12.471 19th Oct (10am - 1pm) Free
13 Volleyball Sand volleyball with a team of 6 Squash Courts, UTD 19th Oct (5pm - 10pm) $15 per team

1. Please carry your comet card / alumni card for admission in any event.
2. If event is canceled money would be refunded, but if participant cancels there will be no refund
3. Still looking for a team ? Click here
4. The Dates and venues might slightly vary due to weather conditions or technical glitches.

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