Animal Cruelty

Animal Cruelty

One thing that has always been there but is never addressed unless there is a strong case is animal cruelty. Every time there is a case where someone hurts an animal, the whole word erupts with a series of news and posts that talk about how cruel the act was and how the accused need to be punished. Right now, with the case of an elephant which was fed a pineapple filled with firecrackers, the accused has been arrested. 

The most shocking fact is that it was said that the pineapple was meant for wild boars. Apparently, these poor creatures are hunted with fruits filled with crackers. Though hunting has always been a part of most cultures for the sake of meat, blowing up a living creature’s mouth is no way to try and kill it.

However, all the heat of the topic is lost in a few days. Some news does not even reach everyone’s ears. This one incident in Florida, where a teenage boy was found whipping his pet dog with a belt. When he was arrested by the police, he went on to accept that he uses a belt to “discipline” his dogs. Where have people lost the very human sense to show compassion to all living creatures?

Education starts at home. Children need to be taught from a very young age that every living being feels the same emotions as we do and must be treated with love and care. There are many ways to stop animal abuse and every measure to punish people who engage in the act of animal cruelty is being taken.

 However, the need to show compassion and love towards all living creatures must be impressed in everyone’s minds. For the world to be a better place, all creatures need to be loved and cared for.

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