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Bank Information

You have many choices with regards to banks here. Mainly
Bank Of America(BOA)
Wells Fargo(WF)

Different types of Bank Accounts: -
1. Checking Account
2. Savings Account

When you open a bank account both Checking and Savings are created. You have a choice to` open only a checking account. Interest on checking account will be almost negligible.

-Your Debit card is connected to your checking account and not savings. So whenever you swipe your card, the amount is deducted from your checking account.
-You can apply for a Secure credit card. For getting secure credit card you don’t need SSN ( Social Security Number ). This way you can start building credit history which is very necessary.
-For most of the banks, transactions from Checking to Saving are unlimited and from Saving to checking, there is a cap of 6. If you transfer more than 6 there will be penalty which varies with different banks.

One of the more famous banks.
Located all over US.
Is located close to the Campus 1mile off.

Chase:Is located close to the Campus 1 mile off.
Provides Free Wire Transfers.

1. Primary advantage is an ATM on-campus. You can deposit your checks or cash here. For other banks ATM is not on – campus but nearby campus.
2. Most of students have Wells Fargo account. There is no limit on number of transactions from checking account to another checking account. Hence it is convenient when you are settling accounts amongst yourself.
3. University is also connected with Wells Fargo.